Real World Refactoring in Ruby on Rails

Have you ever found yourself or a team member needing to implement a new feature or fix a bug and it gets awkward when you try to work it into your existing codebase?

This workshop is suited for longtime or newer programmers.

Is a team member learning a new technique but when you both look at your work code you realize it's hard to see how the little practice classes correspond to a real world monolith sitting on multiple frameworks. How do you take those lessons into your legacy codebase?

The workshop demonstrates techniques that carry through naturally into the real world and allow attendees to refactor more efficiently. Attendees learn how to:

  • Save time by closing off false trails to bad refactors sooner
  • Break free from programming patterns that are no longer serving you
  • Apply refactoring theory to a real world environment

Along the way, we'll explore some of the uncomfortable moments in refactoring (like when you get that horrible sinking feeling because you can't see anything better than writing repetitive code). Attendees also learn about and practice a few programming tools they can take with them:

  • TDD's Red/Green/Refactor cycle
  • Single-line changes
  • Mobbing for alignment

After this workshop, your team will be better prepared to change your codebase to be easier to work with. They'll have the tools to tackle a refactor in a way that won't leave broken code blobs when the schedule gets tight.

"Cohere was able to answer questions in ways that everyone on the call could understand and relate to. Not only did I get a list of stuff to do to help us scale, but our COO had an understanding of why it should be done!"


Melinda Minch - Freelance Full Stack Software Developer, Violinist, and Engineer for Traditions of the Ancestors