Interviewer Skills for Engineers and Hiring Managers

You need to hire more software developers, but how do you evaluate them effectively?

This workshop is suited for all.

You know you need to hire more software developers. Maybe you even know exactly what kind of developers you need to hire. But when a candidate is sitting in front of you, how will you know whether they would be a good hire, or a bad hire?

Our interviewer skills training will align your team on

  • What is important to the team when considering a candidate
  • Metrics for evaluating hiring values
  • What the recruiting process looks like for the team 

Further, you'll learn how and why to:

  • Put candidates at ease
  • Guide candidates towards higher-signal answers
  • Redirect conversations and keep candidates on track
  • Persuade candidates that your company is the place for them


“I joined a rapidly growing startup as engineer #3, and by the time we hit 20, we devs still wanted to be involved in the hiring process - but we all had different ideas of what made for a qualifying candidate.

Jennifer stepped in to improve our hiring process. She enabled us to discover what we were collectively looking for in a candidate. Through her workshop, we were able to synchronize and zero in on the qualities that we were looking for. This enabled us to conduct more productive interviews.”

~ Frank Shaw, Software Developer

"Cohere was able to answer questions in ways that everyone on the call could understand and relate to. Not only did I get a list of stuff to do to help us scale, but our COO had an understanding of why it should be done!"


Melinda Minch - Freelance Full Stack Software Developer, Violinist, and Engineer for Traditions of the Ancestors