Better Coding Through Team Values

What if there were some values your team could agree on, and use as a standard to resolve differences?

This workshop is suited for all.

How much time does your team spend on technical disagreements?

How long do change requests get bogged down for when something not covered by the existing style guide is causing the team to delay the merge while they figure out how to achieve consensus so they can update the style guide?

How much productivity gets lost when one teammate tries to accommodate another, only to learn later that what’s good for one person isn’t best for the other?

What if there were some values your team could agree on, and use as a standard to resolve all these differences? What if when new differences arise, they could create new values that would resolve related differences in the future?

This workshop helps your team explore who they are as individuals, and how that builds into who they are as a team, and ultimately how that colors the technical decisions they make. At the end of the workshop, your developers will be better equipped to work more smoothly as a group. So the next time someone wants to introduce a little Haskell into the codebase, your team will have the answer for what they want to do about it and why.

"Cohere was able to answer questions in ways that everyone on the call could understand and relate to. Not only did I get a list of stuff to do to help us scale, but our COO had an understanding of why it should be done!"


Melinda Minch - Freelance Full Stack Software Developer, Violinist, and Engineer for Traditions of the Ancestors