You’ve put together a software team. How might you invest in it?

Your team can improve their performance as both individuals and as a group through one-off workshops. A small selection of our workshops is below; please contact us at [email protected] to talk about your team development.

Interview Skills and Recruiting

This workshop targets your team as a whole, and helps them work towards a shared goal together.

You know you need to hire more software developers. Maybe you even know exactly what kind of developers you need to hire. But when a candidate is sitting in front of you, how will you know whether they would be a good hire, or a bad hire?

In this workshop, we’ll go through a series of exercises for everyone involved in the interviewing process to know what you’re looking for and how you’ll identify it. After identifying both what you need and how you’ll know it when it’s in front of you, each member of your hiring team can be confident that any future interview will definitively answer the question “Should we hire this candidate?”.

After the workshop, participants will have learned

  • Why and how to put candidates at ease
  • What is important to the team when considering a candidate
  • Metrics for evaluating hiring values
  • How to persuade candidates that your company is the place for them

Applying Rails Patterns

Is your frontend complicated to change? Are any of your controllers or models thousands of lines long? Is onboarding a new developer confusing or embarrassing?

This workshop covers Rails patterns to address common problems with brittle views and giant controllers+models. The focus of the workshop can be tailored to address your team’s specific needs.

Building A Component Library

Are you repeating yourself in your frontend code? finding inconsistent implementations of the same result in your codebase? patching together multiple partials, or noticing you’re splitting apart shared partials to add the right level of customization?

In this workshop, attendees will learn how a component library can improve the development experience, how to create a living library, metrics to pick out the right separation for components, and more.

Better Code Reviews

Is your code review process helping you, or holding you back? Are features not shipping because of churn in your process? Are bugs or maintenance costs slipping in that could have been caught in code review?

Before this workshop, we go over your delivery process and review a sample of recent code reviews. In the workshop itself, we work with your team to identify and understand the areas that most hold them back, and coach the team through the problem-solving process to make code review into a process that helps rather than hinders.

Team Values

This two-hour workshop is perfect for your next team offsite. In it, we help your team explore who they are as individuals, and how that builds into who they are as a team. This workshop will help your team work more smoothly as a group, by teaching each other how they like to work together, and what they appreciate about each other.