We are technical leaders who thrive on owning and solving problems. Sometimes this means we embed in your team and work from within. Sometimes it means we deliver solutions and provide a support path. Our goal is to help you find the right solution for your software needs, anywhere along the intersection of people and software. We work with our clients to fully understand the scope of their problems before we agree to a specific solution.

We primarily work remotely but do take occasional on-site work in San Francisco and other locations.

Photo of Betsy Haibel

Betsy Haibel

Architect and Technical Coach.

Creates Order from Chaos.

Betsy is most at home wading into a codebase and uncovering and distilling the intentions at play. She has a keen eye for separating the underlying domain concepts from the details and helping teams align on doing the simplest thing that can possibly work without falling into over engineering.

She is often found facilitating API designs, making implicit patterns explicit, or sharing her knowledge from the speaker’s podium at a conference.

Photo of Jennifer Tu

Jennifer Tu

Team Management and Technical Coach.

Pulls People Together.

On any given day, Jennifer may be found leading an engineering team through a challenging project, coaxing a developer through learning new skills or navigating new experiences, or facilitating workshops that help a team blend their technical challenges with their organizational objectives. After receiving her degree in computer science from MIT, Jennifer’s work spanned infrastructure and operations, security, and good ol’ feature delivery. The combination of her technical experience, interpersonal depth, near infinite patience, and nose for nuance creates the ideal management and technical coach (who is still happy to sit down and hammer out code).

Photo of Zee Spencer

Zee Spencer

Delivery and Technical Coach.

Types At > 200 Words Per Minute.

Zee brings over a decade of experience working as a technical leader and executor for organizations ranging from Fortune 50 megacorps to two person startups. He balances his programming chops with an uncanny ability to focus a team on delivering the next most valuable thing.