Every team and project is different, and creating the most effective change requires collaboration. We tailor our trainings to the group or individual need.

To grow a team’s technical capabilities, training is most effective when it takes into account your team’s unique needs. Cohere’s technical training addresses your team’s skill gaps while being thoughtful about where your codebase is. We adapt our trainings to meet your team where it is.

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Training for the Team

Training for the Individual

Technical mentoring

Javascript patterns

Many software problems have been generalized as patterns. Some of these are named and documented, some are treated as well-known common practice, and some are shared organically from one person to another. Familiarity with a language or framework’s patterns allows a software developer to apply well known solutions to problems, which means they’re able to bring more value to the customer sooner.

This half-day workshop introduces attendees to a handful of software patterns particularly effective in Javascript environments. Attendees will learn how to identify when a pattern may already exist, how to find those patterns, and how to apply them.

The set of Javascript patterns this workshop covers can be tailored to the needs of a given team. Common topics include: encapsulating asynchronous code, front-end state management and routing, API design to reduce client/server code duplication, effective use of prototypal inheritance and function binding, functional programming in JS.

Architectural Review

Maybe your team doesn’t yet have the experience to deliver the systems design needed and you’re stretched too thin to do it yourself. Maybe you’re looking for validation or review before diving into an expensive implementation, or looking for short-term domain expertise. Whatever your situation, we can help you find the solution that works for you.

Unlock test, release, and development cycles

How long does it take from idea to prod? What holds back your developers from getting their work into the hands of your users faster? We look at your test, development, and release cycles, and identify areas that could be made more efficient – and can work with you to make it happen.

Apprenticeship program design

For many technical leaders, teaching, mentoring, and guiding a newer developer was one of the first steps on the path to where they are today. Are you considering starting an apprenticeship or intern program? This is one of our favorite projects to help develop. We can help you navigate this process, whether you’re at designing the program, recruiting program candidates, mentoring the mentors, or transitioning program alums to full time employees.

Technical mentoring for the individual

All developers are pretty good at finding code solutions that will solve the immediate problem. Sometimes this process might create later problems, and the solutions may be discarded in painful rewrites weeks or years down the road.

What do you do when you need to level up one of your developers? You can give them stretch projects or send them to conferences, but these don’t always get them where you know they can go. When they take on a stretch project, it can be hard to make sure they receive enough feedback to know where they’ve been successful. When they return from conferences, they may have learned new techniques but don’t have a clear idea of how to apply them to their daily work.

Giving developers guidance and feedback early in their projects helps them to think about the future while balancing the problems they face today. That means newer developers are able to write longer-lasting code. Mentorship, while labor-intensive, is an investment that quickly brings more value to your customers.

Cohere offers pairing sessions with our seasoned technical coaches to help developers expand and grow their technical skills while delivering value to your customers. Our industry veterans have deep knowledge not just of technology, but also teaching and coaching developers of all experience levels. For each individual looking to level up, we recommend one or two weekly 2-hour pairing sessions for at least six weeks. Your developers will get the feedback and guidance they need to deliver higher-value solutions for your customer not just this quarter, but for years to come.

We have a limited number of monthly pairing hours that we offer on a sliding-scale basis to individuals who are between jobs or looking for their first programming job. Preference is given to people from underrepresented groups or who do significant community work. If this sounds like it might be you, please be sure to mention it when you first contact us.

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