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We were inspired by Julia Evans and Amy Wibowo to make zines on software topics. Major shout out to them for sharing their work and making it easy for us to follow their examples.

Porcini Hunting - Find Your Guide

Yes, there is a parallel between hunting for mushrooms and finding technical mentors and teachers. Enjoy a three-page zine written and illustration by Jennifer Tu on this very specific topic.

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Which Auth is Which?

Clearly communicate who's who and what they can do with a 8 page zine on authentication and authorization. This zine quickly and clearly walks you through the answers to all your initial questions about _auth_.

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Untangling Asynchronous JavaScript

Enjoy sample code, videos, and transcriptions ideal for the novice, intermediate or advanced programmer who routinely works with asynchronous JavaScript.

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Join us as we deep dive in an array of topics from programming, to team-building, interviewing skills, coaching and more.

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