Real World Pairing

You've tried pair programming before a time or two (or maybe you've talked with someone who has), and it seems alright, but it's not as _magical_ and _life-changing_ as you've heard it made out to be. What's missing?? The secret to finding the joy in pairing lies in deciding on two little things with your pair: your shared goal, and the tool to get you there. Why are you pairing? Are you trying to * Ship as quickly as possible? * Get guidance from a more knowledgeable pair partner? * Explore the unknown with a supportive pair partner? How do you decide who's going to type and when you'll switch who's typing? In this half-day workshop, you'll review pairing techniques, practice strategies for navigating common failure modes, and emerge equipped with new collaboration and communication tools. Participant Outcomes: * Understand the benefits of pairing, when to (or not to) pair * Hands-on practice with several different pairing techniques * Learn to troubleshoot common pairing problems * Resources for continued practice Expectations for attendees: * No prior knowledge or experience with pairing required - only an open mind and interest in pairing * Attendees should bring a laptop with a developer environment set up, any extra external keyboards/mice/monitors