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“Storytime With Managers” are the questions you would ask an expert over a cup of coffee (including the ones you feel scared to ask), packaged up into 20min podcast episodes.

Got a topic you wish we would cover? a person you wish we would interview (like yourself)? Let us know!

Season 1

3 Minutes Between Seasons (yes, Seasons! plural!!)

This is a quick 3 minute update of what happens next to Storytime With Managers.

Accepting Feedback with Emily Nakashima

Episode 2 covers the topic of accepting feedback with Emily Nakashima (@eanakashima on Twitter). Emily manages the engineering and design teams at a small developer tools startup called Before Honeycomb, Emily worked at a string of developer tools companies and focused on frontend development and performance optimization.

We talk about how to better accept feedback, the correlation between accepting feedback and “growth mindset”, blameless retrospectives, and more!

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Coaching Towards Autonomy And Dreams with Bavani Kehoe

In Episode 4, Bavani Kehoe (@jenbavani) shares how she coaches her reports towards autonomy and guides them in following their dreams – all while working part-time. We talk about situational leadership model, how to make office hours effective, and managing reports who are working outside your own expertise area.

Bavani works at Beyond12 (, a nonprofit dedicated to increasing the number of low-income, first-generation, and historically under-represented students who graduate from college. She manages anywhere from 3 to 8 early career professionals and student interns charged with bringing coaching to life through their MyCoach app.

Finding Your First Team with Raquel Vélez

Episode 3 follows Raquel Vélez (@rockbot on Twitter) in her management journey as she moved from lone-manager-at-tiny-startup to discovering her “first team” of engineering manager peers. Prior to management, Raquel was a JavaScript developer who eventually found her happy place learning to work with systems of people instead of systems of code.

We talk about the similarities and differences between small companies and big companies – the impact of reorganizations, discovering lanes and your first team, managing sideways, securing promotions for your reports – and how it’s still humans all the way down.

Jobhunting As A Manager with Eddie Kay

In Episode 5, Eddie Kay (@ichthyos) shares his recent experience jobhunting as a manager. If you’ve never jobhunted as a manager, this episode is for you! Eddie shares answers to questions like “how do you schedule interviews on a manager’s schedule?”. Eddie works at Toast in Boston as a Senior Engineering Manager, and has been in engineering management for about a decade.

Managing Up with Marco Rogers

Episode 1 covers the topic of “managing up” with Marco Rogers (@polotek on Twitter). Marco was previously an engineering manager and director at companies like Yammer, Clover Health, and Lever, and is now happily writing code for Mode Analytics. We talk about what managing up means, Marco’s journey to understanding managing up, how any of us can do the same, and how we can help those we manage to learn to manage up.