Great Logging in Ruby @ Fog City Ruby, San Francisco

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This talk is a small part of the Building Supportable Applications workshop. It focuses exclusively on logging, which is a tiny (but important!) part of building supportable applications. The following is a description of the full workshop:

Your application is used by people. Those people sometimes run into unexpected events that make them sad. When that happens, they talk to your support team. Your support team does everything in their power to turn that frown upside down; and they need your help.

This collection of talks and activities help your team understand the day to day work of your organization’s support heroes, identify ways to provide them with the information and tools they need to create delightful customer experiences.

Building Supportable Applications is available as a half or full day workshop for your organization. Reach out to [email protected] to get yours scheduled.

This talk is geared to help you:

Attend Great Logging in Ruby @ Fog City Ruby, San Francisco on Oct 10, 2017 to see Zee Spencer present Building Supportable Applications !