Livestream - Debugging a Race Condition in a Cypress Browser Test

Have you ever struggled to figure out why, exactly, the test is saying that a variable is undefined even though there is a line of code that sets the value literally three lines up from the offending line? Observed browser tests scampering ahead gleefully even though your test data hadn’t quite finished being populated inside the database? Gave up and deleted a feature test?

We have too. About a billion times. Maybe two billion. Sometimes it’s not worth diving in and fixing a broken feature test. And sometimes it is. Of the many lessons we’ve learned along the way, one of the critical ones is that the majority of debugging boils down to understanding the order of operations, how and where state changes, and how to manage the test preparation and execution timeline.

These three skills are key to being able to describe, diagnose, and resolve flakey test failures.

On January 3rd, 2019 at 10 AM PT/1PM PT Betsy and Zee streamed a live-pairing session where we solved one of our technical coaching clients’ failing feature tests.

Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, the recording for this stream has been lost. We apologize to peope who were hoping to watch later. We have shared our learnings in our article Lessons Learned From our first #RealWorldCode Livestream

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Attend Livestream - Debugging a Race Condition in a Cypress Browser Test on Jan 3, 2019 with Zee Spencer and Betsy Haibel!