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GraphQL and Rails - A Brief Introduction

Posted by Zee Spencer on Feb 14, 2019 12:47:39 PM

Over the past 9 months, we’ve applied GraphQL and Rails as the API platform on client projects. Most of these projects rely on rapid iteration across both the user interface and the data model as we follow the signals for product market fit. Rails and ActiveRecord continue to provide incredibly flexible data management and persistence techniques that is well complemented by GraphQL’s fitness as a seam for stubbing out fake data, rolling out new fields, and deprecating existing fields in a safe way that is decoupled from the persistence layer.

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Real World Code Incident Report! How We Used the OODA Loop to Triage a Amazon RDS Cascade Failure for a Heroku-hosted Rails App

Posted by Zee Spencer on Jan 25, 2019 2:54:06 PM
Notabli reached out to us the day after Christmas because their API was falling over. Their Friendly Engineer, Ty Rauber was working hard with their Head of Product, Jackson Latka, to bring it back up. They wanted a second pair of programmer-eyes, and I was bored. Isn’t that what everyone uses the Holidays for? Triaging production issues for fun?
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