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Roses Are Red / This Pairing is For You

An Introduction to Software Apprenticeship

Understanding, Owning and Leveraging Your Privilege In Tech

Designing Your Apprenticeship Program for Outcomes

A brief adventure in ActionMailer debugging

A Primer on Setting Up Your Remote Employee

How to Interview your Future Manager

Embracing Uncomfortable Refactoring

Tell me about a time when...

Twenty Minutes

Return from RailsConf + Interviewer Skills Part 0/??: Intro

Interviewer Skills Part 1/3: Why Set Specific Goals

Interviewer Skills Part 2/3: How to Create Interview Questions

Evolving Process for Evolving Teams

Interviewer Skills Part 3/3: Timing Your Interview

GraphQL and Rails - A Brief Introduction

Introducing "Let's Pair!", A Zine Series on Effective Pair Programming Techniques

Practical Empathy, or: How I Stopped Hating Pair Programming

Metrics, Async/Await, and Really Big Hammers

Giving Back

Pair Programming Problems Are Not a Smell

Passion Isn't Terrible

You Deserve a Porcini Hunting Guide

Implementation Strategies for Integrating External Services Into Your Application

Engineering Managers: It's Time to Write Better Job Descriptions

Understanding Git: Configuration of Repositories and Remotes

Debugging a Race Condition in a Brittle Cypress Test Live on Stream on January 3rd, 2019

Cohere 2018 Year in Review - Reflections on Financial, Mental, Physical and Relational Health

Level Up By Managing Up: An Engineer's Primer

Real World Code Incident Report! How We Used the OODA Loop to Triage a Amazon RDS Cascade Failure for a Heroku-hosted Rails App

Lessons Learned from our First Real World Code Live Stream

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