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We offer workshops both public and private to level up your team as either individuals or as a group.

"I have rarely seen a room full of engineers more engaged than during Jennifer's workshop on effective communication."
~ Eddie Kay, Senior Engineering Manager, athenahealth

Technical Mentorship for the Individual or the Team

Whether it's getting expert design feedback, pair programming on a tricky problem, or coaching the churn out of your delivery process, we offer the technical mentorship that can lead your software team to a more autonomous state.

"In pairing sessions with one of our developers, Zee did an outstanding job of enabling him to clear some intimidating blockers."
~ Jonathan Chu, CTO and cofounder, Verdigris

Individual Coaching

Whether you're an established leader or a developer at any level, having a coach can help you be that better version of yourself who finds that smarter path to your goals.

Whatever your goals, we have the technical and leadership skills to help you accomplish them.

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