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Take Your Team To The Next Level

We strengthen software teams by focusing on the intersection of people, business, and architecture.

Empower Employees

Studies show the more autonomy employees have at work, the more satisfied they are with their jobs and the less likely to leave their current roles.

Share Technical Know-How

Skill training and acquired technical know-how help team members work more efficiently, boost confidence and encourage overall moral.

Collaborate Joyfully

When team members are adept collaborators, work completion is more predictable and team members feel heard and acknowledged.

Achieve Objectives

Motivate team members to anticipate and account for upcoming changes, whether it's wrapping up a project or navigating unexpected blockers.

Grow Yourself

Gain superior or increased knowledge to do more work, with less effort, and more importantly, with fewer bugs or blockers bogging you down.

Grow Your Team

Engage your employees, boost productivity and contribute to a happier office environment for everyone across the organization.

"Cohere was willing to meet us where we were at and suggest things that are directly actionable and applicable to our problems."

Melinda Minch - Freelance Full Stack Software Developer, Violinist,  and Engineer for Traditions of the Ancestors

Melinda Minch - Freelance Full Stack Software Developer, Violinist,  and Engineer for Traditions of the Ancestors


You’ve put together a software team. How might you invest in it?

We offer both public and in-house workshops that will improve your team’s performance as both individuals and as a group.

Better Coding Through Team Values

In this workshop, we work with your team to identify and understand what most holds them back, and coach the team to make code review into a process that helps rather than hinders.

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Interviewer Skills for Engineers and Hiring Managers

In this workshop you will learn interviewer skills for hiring the right candidates for your team, metrics for evaluating hiring values, understand what the recruiting process looks like for your team and more.

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Introduction to Pairing

Throughout our half-day workshop, we walk engineering teams through pairing techniques, offer strategies for navigating common failure modes, and equip teams with new tools for increasing their collaboration and communication.

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Real World Refactoring in Ruby on Rails

With this workshop, your team will be better prepared to change your codebase to be easier to work with. They'll have the tools to tackle a refactor in a way that won't leave broken code blobs when the schedule gets tight.

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Courses & Zines

Debugging Downtime

If you've ever wanted to see firsthand how other senior engineers diagnose, debug, and resolve complex site reliability issues, make nuanced architectural decisions, and take iterative steps towards making a more dependable Ruby on Rails API; then this is for you.

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Master the Object-Oriented Mindset

Master the Object-Oriented Mindset in Ruby and Rails (MOOM) covers our history of writing flexible and comprehensible OO code distilled and applied to practical Ruby and Rails examples presented as a self-paced course.

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Untangling Asynchronous JavaScript

Develop a strong historical and philosophical grounding on what asynchronous programming is, how it came to be, and what problems it’s trying to solve.

Best of all, it is absolutely, 100%, no money-ever-changes-hands free, seriously.

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We were inspired by Julia Evans and Amy Wibowo to make zines on software topics. Major shout out to them for sharing their work and making it easy for us to follow their examples.

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Coaching & Skill Building

Your team is bright and engaged. However, they're struggling to bring features to market due to technical debt or other limitations. Equip them with the skills and techniques they need to move deliberately and effectively through your codebase with customized coaching and training.

You've put together a software time. Let’s invest in it.

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Contact Us for a Fit Assessment

We give every new client a free 30 minute assessment where we evaluate where they and their team are; and give them next steps to help them level up, with or without us.